ServSafe is an 18-hour Food Safety Certification course developed by the Education Foundation of the National Restaurant Association.  This course is designed for food service managers and supervisory staff in restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, child care facilities, and other food-handling establishments. 

Some of the key concepts presented in the course include:

  • Sanitation: Learn the dangers of foodborne illness, how to prevent it,  good personal hygiene, and how to be a safe food handler.
  • The Flow of Food: Learn how to prevent cross-contamination and how to use time and temperature control effectively.
  • Sanitary Facilities and Pest Management: Learn critical aspects of cleaning, sanitation, and pest management.

There is a registration fee per person which covers the cost of educational materials and testing supplies during the course.  The registrant must attend all sessions in order to complete the course.

Register by calling 828-587-8250 or -8253.

Upcoming Course Information

There are no upcoming classes at this time.  Classes are usually taught twice a year, (Fall & Spring).  To request a class, call 828-587-8250 or -8253.