Clinical Testing

The Health Department accepts laboratory test request orders from all authorized persons, which includes medical doctors (MD), podiatrists (DPM), doctors of osteopathy (DO), ophthalmologist, and dentists (DDS).  Physicians Assistants (PA), Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), and Registered Nurses (RN) may order lab tests under the authorization of standing orders of the doctors listed above.  Lab orders from chiropractors are not accepted.  

Orders may be taken verbally but written is preferred.  All laboratory test results will be returned to the ordering provider by either fax or mail.  Results may be sent to the patient only if the ordering provider gives written permission to do so.

Tests that are “walk-in” or self-referral are:

  • Pregnancy test
  • School required immunization titers (blood test for immunity)
    • Varicella
    • Hepatitis B surface antibody
    • MMR

Testing not performed within the health department laboratory will be sent to a reference lab.

Private Drinking Water Testing (General Public)

The Environmental Health Section works with the Lab to perform drinking water testing for the general public.  Water samples are collected by a qualified Environmental Health Specialist and brought to our Lab, or another qualified Lab, for testing.  Common tests include bacterial (Ex: coliform, E.coli), inorganic (Ex: Lead, iron, zinc), nitrate/-ite, and more.  Fees are required for testing.

Public Drinking Water Testing (Public Water Suppliers)

The Lab also performs drinking water testing for public water suppliers.  Public water suppliers include campgrounds, motels, churches, schools, restaurants, mobile home parks, subdivisions, and convenience stores.  Water samples may be brought to the Lab by the owner of the public water supply.  Samples will then be tested at our Lab or another qualified Lab.  Common tests include bacterial (Ex: coliform, E.coli), nitrate/-ite, and more.  Fees are required for testing.

Water samples are accepted for testing on Monday-Wednesday, 8 AM- 5 PM.  No water samples will be accepted on a Friday or the day before a government holiday.

Drug Free Workplace Testing Services

The Jackson County Department of Public Health Laboratory is staffed with certified Specimen Collectors for urine drug screens.  DOT and non-DOT urine collections are performed for area employers.  Employers must set up a contract account for these services. 

All testing and collections are performed according to 49 CFR Part 40 regulations.

Appointments are required.  All appointments must be made by the employer and require a positive identification of the employee/donor, preferably with a picture ID.  MRO (Medical Review Officer) services are also provided.

For more information or to set up a contract account, please call 828-587-8225.

To schedule appointments for already existing accounts, please call 828-586-8289.

Paternity/DNA Testing

The Health Department’s lab is a collection facility for DNA to determine paternity.  An independent lab such as LabCorp of America or DNA Diagnostics schedules the appointment for paternity collection. 

For more information on Paternity/DNA testing, call:

For more information on laboratory services or to set up a contract, please call 828-587-8236.

For Laboratory Forms, please click here.