Communicable Disease

Local health departments are required by law to investigate and follow-up on all suspected or confirmed communicable diseases or conditions.  Health departments must monitor disease reporting by physicians and laboratories and report to the State Branch of Communicable Disease.  Health departments provide a channel of communication between public health agencies, private physicians, hospitals, and occupational infection control personnel.  Lastly, health departments explain public health interventions and disseminate health education messages to the community and the media in order to enhance disease control efforts.  In North Carolina, there are 66 reportable diseases or conditions for which investigations and follow-up are required.

Tuberculosis Service

Testing for Tuberculosis (TB), required by many employers, is available at the Health Department.  The Health Department also provides treatment and follow-up for persons with TB infection or disease.  Included in the follow-up is contact tracing of person identified as having been exposed to an infectious TB case.  Medications to treat TB are provided at no charge.  For more information, click here.


Click here to see all reportable communicable diseases.  The diseases in bold are diseases that can largely be prevented through immunization.  Many of the vaccines to prevent these diseases are available at the Health Department.

Following immunization, the most effective way to prevent transmission of communicable disease is adequate hand washing for at least 20 seconds.

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