Good sanitation is important in camps because disease can easily be spread when people are in close contact with each other or when food eaten at camp is not safely handled.  Summer camps are inspected twice a year to ensure a safe and healthy place for the public.  Online health inspections are available soon after the inspection is completed.  Customers are encouraged to check the current sanitation of any camp before visiting.

If you own or operate a camp in Jackson County, you should familiarize yourself with the State rules around operating summer camps and the State rules around operating resident camps.

Existing camps must notify Jackson County Environmental Health prior to opening for the season.  To notify Jackson County Environmental Health:

  1. Complete the Advanced Notification for Seasonal Operation Application

  2. Submit the application to Jackson County Environmental Health at least 45 days prior to opening.

If you plan to buy, build, or remodel a camp, contact Jackson County Environmental Health at 828-587-8250 or -8253 to find out what is required prior to making your purchase or starting construction.  Jackson County Environmental Health will complete a Camp Plan Review with you regarding your plans buy, build, or remodel.