To complete a septic or well application through Jackson County Environmental Health with the Jackson County Department of Public Health, you will need to complete six main steps.  Read more about the steps below to include the forms that need to be completed prior to an Environmental Health Specialist assisting you with the permitting process.  For questions about any of these steps, call Jackson County Environmental Health at 828-587-8250 or -8253.

Step 1:  Complete a Land Development Application

Land Development Applications can be completed through Jackson County Permitting and Code Enforcement.  Offices for Jackson County Permitting and Code Enforcement are located in Sylva and Cashiers.  To reach the Sylva Office, call 828-586-7560; to reach the Cashiers Office, call 828-745-6852.  Make sure to include the following information in this application:

  • Name of the current property owner

  • Phone number of the current property owner

  • Address of property

If you are not the current property owner or if you wish to name someone other than yourself to meet with the inspectors at the site when evaluations are performed, please include the name, phone number, and address of that person as well.

After you have completed a Land Development Application, move on to Step 2.

Step 2: Collect Required Information and Complete the Application for Environmental Health Services

To accurately and completely fill out the Application for Environmental Health Services, you will need to collect the following information and include it on the Application for Environmental Health Services:

Property Information

  • PIN: This is a 10 digit number that usually begins with 7 or 8. It can be found on GoMaps or on tax documents.

  • 911 address for the property

  • Development Name (if property is located in a development); Include section and lot number

Development Information

  • If residential, is the request for a new single family home, expansion of an existing system, or repair to an existing system?

  • Number of bedrooms

  • Number of occupants

  • Other features to be included in the residential home (Mobile home? Basement? Basement with plumbing?)

  • If commercial, work with an Environmental Health Specialist to complete this section

Type/Service Requirements

  • Service(s) you are requesting

  • Restrictions that may apply

  • Type of water supply you have or will have

System Type(s)

  • Desired system type

Ensure that all of the aforementioned information is provided and that the Application for Environmental Health Services is completely filled out.

Step 3: Review and Complete Environmental Health Section Instructions for Applicant

Review the Environmental Health Section Instructions for Applicant, also called the "checklist."  Initial by each of the items on the checklist, indicating that you have read and understand the requirements.  Please note that if an Environmental Health Specialist visits your property and an item on the checklist is not completed, you will be charged a go-back fee as Specialists will have to go back to your property at a later date when all items on the checklist are completed.

Step 4: Obtain a Survey (Plat)

A completed Environmental Health Application for Services includes a survey (plat).  If you do not have a survey (plat) for your property, contact the Jackson County Register of Deeds by calling 828-586-7530 to see if one is on file.  Alternatively, you can complete a site map.  The site map must include the ways and means from the deed.  For questions about surveys (plats), call Jackson County Environmental Health at 828-587-8250 or -8253.

Step 5: Complete the Environmental Health General Information Letter

To summarize the processes that Jackson County Environmental Health follows, a staff member will provide you with a copy of the Environmental Health General Information letter.  Read this letter and sign it to indicate that you understand the processes.

Step 6: Submit your Application Packet and Payment

Once Steps 1 through 5 are completed, you are ready to submit your application packet and payment to Jackson County Environmental Health.  Submission can be done in one of three ways:

  • By emailing

  • In person at the Sylva Office located at 154 Medical Park Loop Sylva, NC 28779; 828-587-8250

  • In person at the Cashiers Office located at 357 Frank Allen Road Cashiers, NC 28171; 828-745-6852

Include the following completed forms in your submission:

These forms can be found by clicking on the links above or by going to the Forms section of our website.

Payment is due with the submission of the application.  Payment can be given in person or via credit card over the phone.

Note that an appointment will not be scheduled until Jackson County Environmental Health receives all required documentation and fees.