Don't be a pet polluter!

There once was a lady who lived in a house.

 one night at dinner she spotted a mouse!


She saw that the mouse was round and fat.

And said to herself: “i must find a cat.”


She knew of a grouchy old farmer who had a big stable

And went to see him as soon as she was able.


“oh, farmer. Oh, farmer” she begged, in a pitiful way,

“please help me, kind sir, i’ve brought you a bouquet.”


The bouquet was a gift to get his attention,

Ease his mind and disguise her intention.


“there’s a mouse in my house. I’m not sure where he’s at.

Kind sir, kind sir, would give me a cat?”


He gave her a black one that was round and fat

She put it in a box and carried it back to her flat.


The cat settled in and soon caught the mouse

And all seemed well again in her house.


The cat rubbed her leg as its purring soared

 and into a bowl some milk was poured.


But next morning at breakfast things were not so nice.

When she opened her cupboard out ran several mice.


She looked for the cat, she was now really smitten.

 and when she found the cat it was nursing a kitten.


She threw up her hands and cried: “what will i do

I had just one problem now i have two.”


She went for advice from friends who were britons

And when she returned the cat had six kittens.


The kittens grew up and the mice left for ever

And she thought to her self, “i was so very clever.”


But soon mother cat and her kittens too.

They had babies of their own, what would she do?


 soon cats were here and there, and everywhere.

They slept in her bed and took over her chair.


No friends came to visit, her house smelled so bad

Some told her to leave and find a new pad.


Then when taking a ride down the highway one day

She saw a billboard that pointed the way.


“free spay and neuter for your pets,” it read

She prayed and prayed this would end her dread.


She phoned up the number and asked some for help.

 and when they said “yes” she let out a yelp.


She gave all the cats names that ended in a rhyme

And took them there two at a time.


It took many weeks to complete her purpose

And soon her home was no longer a circus.


 her solution was kinder than drowning them in poaks

And she soon placed almost all with other kind folks.


 she kept the mother cat who started it all

And she was so, so, glad she’d made that phone call.


So don’t you become a pet polluter.

Get your pets to our spay and neuter.


In Sylva, all you have to do                       

Is ask for kaleb at 293 0892


Remember to spay and neuter your pets!  Call the Jackson County Animal Shelter, 586-6138, or Catman2, 293-0892, for more information.