A Paternity test or DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) test is performed to determine the biological relationship between two people, usually a child and “alleged” father. Each persons’ DNA is unique and specific to that individual (except for identical twins). Children inherit 50% of their DNA typing from their biological mother and 50% from their biological father.

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DNA is located everywhere throughout the body in the exact same form; therefore, a DNA sample can be collected a variety of ways but the most common is by buccal swab (a swab of the lining of the jaw) or by venipuncture (blood drawn from the arm). The individual testing lab decides the way a specimen is collected by buccal swab.

The JCDPH laboratory is a collection facility only. An independent lab such LabCorp of America, Genescreen, or DNA Diagnostics schedules the

appointment for paternity collection.

For child support purposes, DNA collection is performed at the Department of Social Services.

For more information on Paternity/DNA testing call:

  • Department of Social Services -  (828) 586-5546
  • LabCorp of America 1-800-742-3944
  • Genescreen 1-800-DNA-TEST
  • DNA Diagnostics 1-800-613-5768