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Lead is a chemical element that has been used in paint, gas for cards, weights, pottery, and many other things.  This element can be very harmful to humans who swallow or breathe in the lead, which is often in the form of dust.

Children from 6 months to 6 years are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning and can get very sick from lead poisoning.  Lead poisoning, one of the most preventable childhood health exposures, can cause brain damage, mental retardation, kidney disease, heart disease, and possibly death.  The Environmental Health Section conducts investigations to determine the possible sources of lead exposures and develops strategies to abate lead hazards.

Complaint Investigations

If a resident within Jackson County feels that an issue or occurrence may be a public health hazard or threat, Environmental Health staff will investigate.  If needed, corrective action will be initiated and monitored until the abatement of the problem has occurred.  Complaint investigations may occur on all programs implemented by the Environmental Health Section.

For investigations or additional information, call 828-587-8250.