On-site Waste Water, Wells and Water Testing Services

On-Site Waste Water

North Carolina General Statute states that a person owning or controlling a residence, place of business, or place of public assembly shall provide an approved sanitary sewage system.  As a result, the Commission for Health Services has compiled rules and regulations addressing the placement, design, installation, and maintenance for septic tank systems.  The Environmental Health Section ensures that these rules and regulations are enforces and that the public’s health is protected.

To view these rules and regulations, click here.

Wells and Water Sampling

North Carolina General Statute states that each county shall implement a private drinking water well permitting, inspection, and testing program.  As a result, a permit shall be obtained from the Health Department before any well is located, constructed, repaired, or abandoned.

The Environmental Health Section is responsible for the permitting and inspection of private drinking water wells.  The goal is to ensure the public of safe drinking water and the protection of groundwater supplies.  This is in large part accomplished through the proper placement, construction, and testing of private drinking water wells.

The Environmental Health Section also offers water testing and consultation for new and existing wells.  Water samples from wells are tested for bacteria, nitrates, nitrites, and inorganic chemicals.  To view the rules and regulations governing wells and water sampling, click here.

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