On August 20, 2018, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners voted to dissolve the existing Consolidated Human Services Agency and Consolidated Human Services Board and for the Jackson County Board of Commissioners to assume all powers, responsibilities, and duties of a Social Services Board and of a Health Department Board.  While this will not affect the way we serve our community, it will affect our governing body (Consolidated Human Services Board).  During this time of transition, please be patient.  We are continually updating this section of our website with information as we gain information from our County Manager.  Thank you!

The Consolidated Human Services Board is the primary policy-making, rule-making, and administrative board of the Consolidated Human Services Agency.  This Board has the responsibility to protect and promote the public health in Jackson County.  The Board shall comply with all laws pertaining to the meetings of public bodies of the State of North Carolina, i.e. North Carolina's Open Meetings Law.  Any individual or group who wishes to address the Board may do so during the Public Comments section of each regular meeting.

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