Jackson County Department of Public Health accepts laboratory test  request orders from authorized persons, which includes medical doctors,  podiatrist (DPM), doctors of osteopathy (DO), and dentists (DDS).  Physicians assistants (PA), family nurse practitioners (FNP), and  registered nurses (RN) may order lab tests under the authorization of  standing orders of the doctors listed above. Orders may be taken  verbally (written preferred). The order must contain the  doctor’s/attending clinician’s name, address, fax #, phone #, UPIN,  diagnosis codes, and all appropriate information.

All laboratory test results will be returned to the ordering  physician/attending clinician by either fax and/or mail. Critical/Panic  results are called as soon as possible. Results may only be sent to the  patient if the doctor/attending clinician gives written permission to do  so.

The Jackson County Department of Public Health will perform walk-in  lab testing without a medical doctor’s referral for the following lab  tests:

Lab 2.jpg


  • Pregnancy test (urine)
  • Stool O & P
  • Louse identification
  • HIV antibody
  • Stool occult blood

These services are ordered by one of our Public Health Nurses. Our  nursing staff has written standing orders signed by our Medical Director  that must be followed when ordering laboratory tests.

The nurse will assess patients seeking to have any of this lab work then will determine if the lab work is justified.

Testing not performed within the local laboratory will be sent to a  reference lab. LabCorp of America,North Carolina State Lab, Fullerton  Genetics, and Harris Regional Hospital. Other labs may be used as  needed.