Young children are more likely to suffer from communicable diseases because their immune systems are still developing.  Children in child care centers and schools are in close contact with each other, making it easy for illnesses to spread.  A facility and work practices that help stop the spread of disease are vital.   Child care centers are inspected twice a year while schools are inspected once a year. Online health inspections are available soon after the inspection is completed.

If you own or operate one of these facilities in Jackson County, there are several things you should know:

  • Familiarize yourself with the State rules around operating schools and the State rules around operating child care facilities
  • For child care centers:
    • Plans drawn to scale shall be submitted to Jackson County Environmental Health for review and approval prior to initiating construction of a new center or modifying an existing center.  Franchise operations shall submit plans drawn to scale to the Children Environmental Health Branch.  
  • For schools:
    • Jackson County Environmental Health does not review plans for schools. Jackson County Environmental Health only conducts inspections for schools.