Libbie Shelton:

  • Medical Laboratory Technician
  • 828-587-8236

Julie Creason:

  • Medical Laboratory Supervisor  
  • 828-587-8277

Scott Fisher: 

  • Medical Laboratory Assistant  
  • 828-587-8235

The Clinical Laboratory Services are available to anyone that has a  referral from their physician or from one of the Department of Public  Health clinics. The lab is responsible for performing all pertinent  laboratory procedures for each specific clinic, and for delivering  accurate results to the appropriate physicians and or attending health  care provider in a timely fashion.

The goal at the Jackson County Department of Public Health Laboratory  is to perform high quality testing in a timely, efficient, and  cost-effective manner so that the well-being of our clients is best  maintained.

All laboratory services are strictly confidential.

Fees are based on the services provided. For specific lab test charges, please call (828) 587-8233.

To find out about what lab testing services are offered, please call the lab Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at (828)587-8236.

Laboratory staff includes one Medical Technologist, one Medical  Laboratory Technician, and one Phlebotomist. All are ASCP certified.


Moderate Complexity CLIA Certification # 34D0685734

North Carolina Certified Lab # 37515 for Microbiological testing of potable water.